Friday, December 18, 2009

Please forget So Yi Jeong

I did a short summary of the part regarding So Eun in one of the comments, but not everyone read it and people were asking, so I decided to translate parts of the article. Most were talked about in other interviews already, so you can refer to those if you’re curious.

Q: Even if you’re busy, you can still date (Laughs)
A: When I say I can’t date because I’m working, it makes people think like I’m using it as an excuse. However, if you look at my schedule, you would understand (laughs). Of course I think it would be nice to have a girlfriend, but why don’t I have one? When I go to the filming locations this thought vanishes instantly. Through the roles that I portray, I was able to experience the love in dramas. When I’m acting I will stay in that character no matter what, and become that person completely. I don’t think about other things, and I don’t even carry my cell phone. In my regular life I would also forget that I’m Kim Bum. Living a few months like this is not a good habit, but there is nothing else I can do.

Q: Will the real Kim Bum show through in your characters?
A: When I do show my true self while acting, it is because Kim Bum is really exhausted.

Q: During “Boys Over Flowers”, you were not dating fellow costar Kim So Eun, but weren’t there some rumors? However you two looked very good together in the drama.
A: I’m college classmates with Kim So Eun. She’s a cute friend. Even from before “Boys Over Flowers” we were close so we were able to act together comfortably. Therefore people misunderstand, and because of this, we would become awkward around one another sometimes.

Q: How did your supportive friends react after you debuted?
A: “Please give us your autograph!” (A round of laughter)

Q: You don’t even have a management company. How do you go to auditions?
A: They’re on the internet. By calling once I can tell the drama or movie production company’s location. When I find out I can go find it. Therefore I call everyday, and there are a lot of times when I go out to find it.

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