Saturday, December 19, 2009

Pics of HS during media interview @ CMFF

here are some questions asked & a fan account @ CMFF

Q: 什么时候接新剧
Q: when will be your next drama?
HS: Have not accepted any offer on drama yet, want to put more time in music, movie, painting...

Q: 我想问长篇电影的男主角定了没有?
Q: Is the male lead confirmed for your movie?
HS: male lead is not confirmed, will confirm next week. other actors are pretty much confirmed

HS was very shy, reporter asked HS to sing a song, but HS said she was she didn't sing...she said " next time, I will sing next time when I am prepared"

here is my impression after meeting HS in person:

She is really an invaluable artist, she is low profile and very down-to-earth. most important is that she is very kind and sincere to her fans. especially when she's signng an autograph, she would ask for her fan's name proactively

during the award presentation, she's sitting in her seat quietly, rarely talked with others sitting besides her. she watched the award presentation conscientiously, even her film was not nominated~~~~~~~regarding this issue, fans should not be too upset, there are rules in the industry

she is the first artist whom I like, and she's also the first artist whom I asked for an autograph~~~~
I am very grateful to meet her in person, I hope the photos and autographs that I share could satisfy her fans a bit...

Though her film has not been nominated in this film festival, I believe she would bring more good projects to all of us in near future~~~~

cre : qoyoyo @ baidu+meow13,saintzizahmino,pink fairy@soompi

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