Thursday, December 17, 2009

Lee Min Ho Confesses his Dream Lover




李 敏鎬之前曾在一個電視節目上表示宋慧喬是自己的夢中情人,他說:“我在很小的時候就是宋慧喬的粉絲,所以不會改變了。”他還表示,宋慧喬和玄彬的戀愛傳 聞,也沒有改變這一點。李敏鎬甚至說:“如果是中意的女性,似乎年長一輪也沒關係。”但當記者問:“如果參加要求以假定夫妻身份出演的MBC節目《我們結 婚了》的話,你最想和誰搭檔?”時,他卻說:“工作中結識的女性大多比我年長,我還是想和比我小的女性參加節目。”這句自相矛盾的話讓周圍人笑出了聲。



Actor Lee Min Ho said, "After Song Hye Kyo reveals her love relationship, she is still my dream lover." On 15th before the fanmeeting at NTU Sports Centre in Taiwan, Lee Min Ho talked to media about his recently move, ideal girlfriend and upcoming plan.

Lee Min Ho said, "The Xmas gift I want most is a girlfriend. no matter what kind of girl, all I want is a girl who I can talk to comfortably like a friend. I don't like to be in an atmosphere that makes him feel uncomfortable or uneasy, I want a girlfriend who could let me relax."

Lee Min Ho stated in a previous program that Song Hye Kyo was his dream lover. He said, "I have been a fans of Song Hye Kyo since I was little, thus it won't change." He also expressed that even the relationship of Song Hye Kyo & Hyun Bin would not change his thought. He even said, "If I really like a girl, it doesn't matter even if she is much older than me (that part is really exaggerating since 一輪 means 60 years) " When reporter asked, "Who will be the one you most wanted to pair up for the MBC Program 'We Got Married'?" He answered, "Since most of the girls who I have been working with were older than me, I want someone younger to be with me for the program." Everyone laughed for his contradictory answers.

Lee Min Ho said, "This year's Xmas, I think I can only rely on works to get away from loneliness." In addition, Lee Min Ho sang for 2000 plus fans and showed his cooking skill at the fanmeeting.

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