Wednesday, December 16, 2009

2000 Fans Rush to See Lee Min-ho

On December 15, some 2000 Taiwanese fans flocked to the National Taiwan University Stadium to see actor Lee Min-ho, who played a lead in the TV drama "Boys Over Flowers."

Lee's fans welcomed him with loud cheers and placards reading, "Min-ho My Destiny." They were also holding fans decorated with pink hearts and displaying the Korean words, "We love you, Lee Min-ho."

When Lee began singing "My Everything" under purple and blue lights, the audience kept chanting in Korean, "He's very handsome." At the Q&A session, Lee's fans asked him to recommend to them the best travel spots in Korea. They also asked him what kind of women he liked, what profession he would have chosen had he not become an actor, if he was interested in dating actress Gu Hye-seon , who played opposite him in "Boys Over Flowers," and how he usually spent his day.

Lee recommended Jeju Island as the best tourist spot in Korea, and said that he liked women who understood him. He also said that if he had not become an actor, he would probably be pondering his future steps in the army, and that actress Gu Hye-seon was just a close colleague. On his daily routine, Lee said he starts his day by brushing his teeth and finishes it by applying a moisturizing cream to his face. Everybody in the audience listened carefully to what the actor said.

Lee's fans prepared a talent display and magic show for their favorite actor and a video clip showing his busy life as a celebrity. After changing his outfit, Lee surprised his fans by appearing in the back row of the audience. His fans went so wild that the actor had to cease presenting them with roses and chocolate on his way to the stage.

To repay his fans for their devotion, Lee sang Kim Yeon-woo's song "Boys Over Flowers," with his eyes closed. He also made a sherbet for his fans with fruit and mung beans and treated his fans to it. The actor also posed for cameras with his fans, embraced those who were about to go to study in Korea, sang a birthday song for one of the fans, and granted the fans' wishes. Some 50 fans were chosen randomly to get a chance to shake hands with Lee.

Lee promised to visit Taiwan again next year, because his fans came to see his fan meeting despite it falling on a weekday and paid 80,000-130,00 won each for their tickets. One of the actor's fans said she liked him for his looks and acting talent and that she had watched "Boys Over Flowers" on TV and the Internet dozens of times. She also added she would like to learn Korean because of him.

After leaving Taiwan, Lee will hold a fan meeting in Singapore and will choose his next production afterward.

(Source: Kbs )
credits : asianbite

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