Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Lee Min Ho: ‘I want to take part in IRIS 2’

8 months after Boys Before Flowers, Lee Min Ho is still very much involved in promotion activities. Yesterday, he was at Taiwan for his personal fan-meeting. Earlier that day, he attended a press conference at Westin Hotel where he made several ‘confessions’.

1. ‘I want to take part in IRIS 2’

Our flower-boy is currently choosing his next project, which is likely to be released in the first half of 2010. He expresses his wish for a manly and melodramatic role and is currently looking at 2-3 good scripts. Due to his previous success in BOF, he feels the pressure to deliver an even better performance in his next project. In addition, he confesses his wish to be part of IRIS 2 and would like to learn from sunbae Lee Byeong Heon.

2. His Christmas wish? – ‘A girlfriend!’

‘I don’t want a lonely Christmas. I want be able to have a good time while working hard at the same time. It will be good if I can find a girlfriend. It doesn’t matter if she’s 12 years apart from me. It will be even better if she’s older than me but still have a young face.’

Lee Min Ho expresses that hallyu star Song Hye Gyo is his ideal type and he has been a fan of hers since he was a kid.

3. ‘I want to receive the ‘Best New Actor’ award’

It’s the end of another year and time for the awards ceremony! Lee Min Ho expresses his ‘greed’ to win the coveted award. One can only have a single chance to win this award.

Via Dong A

credits : hangukdrama

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