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MinSun Christmas & Good Downloader Fanarts

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Kim Bum becomes the #1 Host

In his new movie Bisang / Fly Up. Here is the newest trailer:

Fly Up is set to release December 10th. The company postponed the release date in order to dispute the R rating (no children under 19), but it was not possible without editing out the crucial scenes of the movie.

Source : bumsso

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Goo Hye Sun and Rain at Tous Les Jours Christmas

The pictures of Goo Hye Sun and Rain at Tous Les Jours Christmas are newly released on December 2!

I love the pairing of Goo Hye Sun and Rain in this Christmas ad!

Come celebrate your Christmas with Tous Les Jours! ^^

You can check out more of Tous Les Jours Christmas event @ here.

(credit: DC)

More pictures of Goo Hye Sun and Rain at Tous Les Jours Christmas:

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Jang Geun-seok buried in drama offers

(What an adorable picture. It’s like Jang Geun-seok’s softer personality with Hwang Tae-kyung’s sharper wardrobe, which is, if we must split things up between them, the better way to do it.)

In any case, it comes as no surprise that Jang Geun-seok, coming off his very popular role in the recently ended You’re Beautiful, is now being met with a landslide of job offers. (He’d already been approached for numerous CF offers while the drama was early in its run.) After heading to Japan last week for a recent fanmeeting, Jang is settling down to select his next project. He’s facing a happy dilemma as he looks over the scripts that came in while he was shooting the drama; currently, he is entertaining twenty different offers for movie and drama roles. His management said, “Starting while he was still filming, casting proposals have been pouring in. Synopses and scripts are piled on his desk like a small mountain. He hasn’t decided yet whether his next project will be a movie or a drama.”

You’re Beautiful’s popularity didn’t necessarily shoot him to stardom, since Jang was already a well-known actor when he took the role — he has about a dozen other projects on his resumé — but I will say that it produced his most memorable character. The drama may not have had the highest ratings but it generated a lot of buzz, and firmly established his place as one of the most promising young actors of his generation, who commands name recognition and a solid domestic and overseas fanbase.

Source : My Daily

Credits : dramabeans

Kim So Eun supports Bisang

The email is everything I’ve said in this post. Minus the delusional thoughts.

Some shots from the Cafe (credit as tagged):

According to the Chinese fans at the event, Kim Bum was originally seated closer to the door (and faced away from the door) and moved more inwards later on. He drank coffee and talked with the staff and the other actors. Since the picture of him from the backside was when he was wearing the first outfit, the person was probably a staff. After 5PM, Kim Bum switched oufits to head over to the VIP (2nd) screening.

The fans from DC did spot So Eun in a cafe next to the theater, although they didn’t say when and where.

Another video of So Eun @ Bisang VIP Premiere:

(Credit: ngothuyan. Thanks mayadee ^.^)

Around 1:38. She seemed a little rushed and uncomfortable. Maybe the reporter caught her offguard, or maybe she was late. There you can see the scarf the Korean netizen was referring to, and you can see the white sleeve that’s similar to the cafe picture.

This is a compilation of So Eun’s appearance at the Fly Up (Bisang) premiere, which includes a video interview, and a fan accounts. Fan account courtesy of Kim Beom China & soul+ (and Beoming) @ Kim Bum DC. Video courtesy of meoluvdenmi.

There were 5 of them that went (From KB CHN), and even prepared a giant flower bouquet by the door. They arrived ahead of time and found that Kim Bum was already at the location, having a cup of coffee and talking at the cafe next to the CGV theater. To respect Kim Bum’s privacy, they waited for him outside. The Korean fans also spotted him in the cafe, but they also respected his privacy and left him alone.

When Kim Bum came out of the cafe, he greeted the Chinese fans and even bowed. He was very polite to the fans.

The Korean fans said So Eun was wrapped in a scarf and she went straight to the theater after leaving the coffee shop.

At the cafe:

No, I don’t have original picture. No, I didn’t blur the picture. It could be So Eun, but it could also not be So Eun. It’s for you to judge.

The person sitting in between Kim Bum and Jung Il Woo is a boy. It’s probably someone from their High Kick days, not sure though:

Now the video:

Starts around 0:42. Translations:

Encouraging words? _Kim So Eun
Bum-ah I’ll watch the movie well. I hope ‘Bisang’ does well. ‘Bisang’ fighting!

Source : bumsso

Kim Bum is poised to take flight

Here is a recent interview from Asia Economy, translated by Dramabeans. Much thanks! You can see the original gorgeous pictures Javabeans posted here. I included another set for your viewing pleasure.

It’s been a little while since Dream faded from airwaves, but its star Kim Bum is getting ready to launch his new movie, Flight [비상], which will be released next week. Here’s a recent interview with the actor talking about those two projects and his acting life after Boys Before Flowers:

Dream’s failure became a chance for me to look back at myself”

Contrary to his “pretty boy” looks, Kim Bum is exceedingly daring and aggressive. Not toward people, but toward his projects.

Of the lead actors who starred in KBS’s popular Boys Before Flowers, nobody has worked as continuously as Kim Bum. He could have taken a long break and worked on managing his image and popularity, but instead he raced on with the drama Dream and movie Flight (Bisang).

With the release of Flight upcoming (on December 10), Asia Economy magazine met with Kim Bum, who, with round-eyed wonder, revealed his boundless love for acting.

“When I’m curious about something, I can’t contain it. When I read a synopsis or a screenplay, there are times when I feel the character fighting with me. I felt that with Lee Dong-chul in East of Eden, and also with Lee Jang-seok in Dream. It’s like the character is taunting me, ‘Try and see if you can do it.’ I hate to lose, so I have to act.”

In the movie Flight, the role Kim Bum plays is of Park Shi-bum, a man who gives up his dream of being a film actor for his first love, and instead enters the lifestyle of a bar host. He had a lot of attachment for this role, which he chose not one week after Boys Before Flowers had ended.

“I was drawn to Shi-bum’s character, who undergoes a dramatic change from the first part of the movie through the end. It’s a role that allows me to show a lot of different emotions, so I considered it good study. I prepared my next project really quickly after Boys Before Flowers, because when I find something to challenge me, I want to keep doing it.”

Kim introduced the character of Park Shi-bum by saying that if placed in that situation, his character in Unstoppable High Kick might act in a similar way. He also said that it was not easy acting as him, since it’s not a character we often come into contact with in real life. He confessed that it was difficult to show him changing dramatically while maintaining a consistency to his character.

Kim said that he approached Flight with a spirit of learning. His explanation that “East of Eden and Boys Before Flowers were projects that I put a lot of study into” shows his studious attitude toward those projects. Dream and Flight could have driven him to overworking, but he said with a laugh that with his personality, if he develops a desire to keep doing something, he isn’t interested in other things.

“I’m on leave from Joongang University. I got an academic warning for taking the shortest terms, but still, I think it’s a good thing for me to meet others at school who are interested in the same work and talk over our worries together. It’s just that it’s too bad that I can’t go to school very often. But it’s rewarding that I’ve become someone whom my friends in the acting department can come to for advice. I haven’t had any regrets in my acting life.”

The drama Dream was pushed aside by its competition, Queen Seon-deok, recording low ratings lower than 10%. However, Kim Bum expressed his satisfaction, saying, “The ratings weren’t high, but I was able to meet good people and learn a lot.”

He says, “If Dream had followed the success of Boys Before Flowers, I wouldn’t have been able to think straight, but it gave me the chance to look back at myself.” It’s a pretty grown-up sentiment. Having just passed the age of twenty, Kim Bum continues on at high speed. His “flight” begins now.

Source : Asia Economy
Translated by Dramabeans
Credits : bumsso

Christmas Eve’s Sky MV (Updated with Lyric Translations)

Kim Bum’s Christmas Eve’s Sky (聖夜の空) MV from his first Japanese single is released!

Lyrics (Thanks very much to Faith Maria for translating ^.^):

Candlelight was flickering on your lips
It was so dazzling that I glanced away
I saw you being happy with someone
Out of the window, it was snowing silently

I brushed away the tears from your cheeks
And wrapped around your clear skin
With the warmth from my hands
I won’t let you go even in a dream

Holy night
I can tell you tonight
Fall in love
I love you
Feel my heart
It’s almost aching
Oh my love

Holy night
Wish my longing reach you
I pulled you closer and
Looked up at Christmas Eve’s sky
Holy night

Putting on a red nose, you’re fooling around and laughing
I will protect you forever and ever
Your innocent smile and your sorrowful tears as well
Everything about you is dear and shining like a star

Holy night
From bottom of my heart
Fall in love
I love you
Feel my heart
It’s like burning
Oh my love

Holy night
Let’s stop the hands of a clock
We two snuggled up close
And looked up at Christmas Eve’s sky
Holy night

Even if time passes and we get older
We will walk together hand in hand

Holy night
It’s more certain than words
Fall in love
I just look on your smiling face
Feel my heart
It’s overflowing
Oh my love

Holy night
It’s connected to our future
Let’s look up at Christmas Eve’s sky
Holy night

I love you
Only you

Credits : bumsso

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[pictures] Kim Bum – Photoshoot for Esquire Magazine

Credits : soheelover

Goo Hye Sun Showers Love to Children

Gongjunim has blogged earlier on in July on Goo Hye Sun visiting a disabled children medical hospital and doing volunteer activities. You can read the full article @ here.

Here are more photos and report from YG WITH that I have found.

It was reported that on the day when Goo Hye Sun visited the hospital, it was raining heavily. Although there were many diffculties, it does not stop YG staff and her in coming to the hospital and participating in their volunteer activities. Each volunteer was matched to a child in helping them during their treatment. Like other volunteers, Goo Hye Sun was also assigned to a child and did her best in her volunteer activities.

Goo Hye Sun shown bright smiles to each action of the child and her expression looked so happy (picture as above). And thanks to Goo Hye Sun for being together here, all of us have a happy time.

When the child was having fear and bursting into tears while taking the medical checkup, Goo Hye Sun also shared the worries together and her heart felt hurt too (picture as below).

Starting from Goo Hye Sun to all other volunteers who have participated in the volunteer activities, it had been a thankful time and the children seemed to have brightened up much more now.

(translation copyrights credit –

[10LINE] Actor Hyun Bin

Clockwise from top center, Park Joong-hoon, Han Ye-seul, Kim Sun-ah, Jang Dong-gun and Song Hye-kyo. [10Asia]

What gets on the nerves of ordinary men?
1. When they see a handsome guy who is cast as an actor on street.
2. When this guy soon becomes a top star.
3. When people say that he is actually a very good actor.
4. When this guy dates actress Song Hye-kyo, and not someone who just looks like her.
So who is this guy? Let’s find out.

Park Joong-hoon
A movie star who had recently run his own talkshow. He is Hyun Bin's senior by 16 years at the same college and belonged to the same agency when Hyun Bin first debuted as an actor. He dreamed of becoming an actor when his senior in high school recommended the career for him. His parents, who disagreed with him said, “The best school for acting is Choong-ang University, as far as we know. We would approve of you if you get accepted to that school.” Since then, he studied crazily and finally got accepted to the school. So, it was evident for Hyun that Park, his senior of at the college and a top star in the same agency, was someone high up in the ladder that he could dare not get close to. When the two first met, Park told Hyun Bin that he does not have the look of an actor in his eyes. When the two met again later, Park said, “You’re eyes have changed,” making Hyun Bin extremely happy. Park commented on Hyun as being "full of passion but doesn’t reveal it. Unlike other actors of his age who overdo it, Hyun is aware of how to be polite and cautious.”

A novelist who received the most criticism in the history of Korean literature. Hyun auditioned for movies based on Guiyeoni’s internet novels “He was cool” and “Romance of Their Own” during the earlier days of his career. At the audition for “He was cool,” Hyun was the first candidate and gained a lot of attention for his looks from female audiences present at the time. Director Kim Tae-kyun of “Romance of Their Own,” considered him as a possible candidate till the very last moment but was not able to cast him due to his lack of experience. Hyun Bin, whose acting career started with an official at an entertainment agency running up to him as saw Hyun Bin passing by on a motorcycle in high school, sure seems to have the looks that fit perfectly with the characters of Guiyeoni’s novels.

Kim Jin-chul
Director of Hyun Bin’s debut film “Shower” in 2002. Unfortunately, due to lack of funding, this movie has not yet been released. In this movie, it was told that Hyun played an innocent country boy who moved to Seoul to make money but ended up losing an eye from selling his organs. During his early years as an actor, he also played Lee Se-eun’s stalker in KBS TV series “Bodyguard.”

Han Ye-seul
Actress from MBC sitcom “Nonstop 4.” She almost starred in MBC TV series “My Name is Kim Sam-Soon” alongside Hyun Bin. The sitcom is Hyun Bin’s official debut work and is filled with stories of conflict between two men and a woman, Hyun Bin, Andy and Han. Thanks to “Nonstop 4,” Hyun learned to do comedy and melodrama which help him gain public attention. It was in this sitcom that writer In Jung-ok of MBC TV series “Ireland,” saw him and was attracted to Hyun Bin for his looks and his way of speech. She eventually recommended him to the director.

Lee Na-young
A beautiful actress who is known to make almost every Korean look big-headed because she has such a small face. She starred in “Ireland” with Hyun Bin. At the time, Hyun Bin said “Lee is the perfect lady in real life, but when acting, she is charismatic and powerful,” and thanked her for helping him with his acting. “Ireland” provided a chance to upgrade himself as a good-looking startup actor to an actor with great acting skills and presence. The trait of Hyun Bin’s character bearing through any circumstance, was carried on into TV series “The World That They Live In” (KBS2) and “Friend, Our Legend.” (MBC) He was quoted saying that he wanted to play the role of a bodyguard of “Ireland” again when he is in his 40s.

Kim Sun-ah
Co-star of MBC TV series “My Name Is Kim Sam-Soon”. Hyun Bin, who hadn't been able to go to bed without memorizing the script entirely, learned how to act more freely by working with Kim, who changed her lines depending on the circumstances and director Kim Yoon-chul who doesn’t rely on scripts when shooting. “Sam-Soon” brought him not only great fame but also confidence in his acting. He successfully showed his strength, the ability to show the character’s dark inner world when playing the role of an heir. At the time, director Kim commented on Hyun Bin with phrases like “it is hard to believe that he was born in 1982.” Actress Kim was quoted as saying, “His acting is very stable compared to his short acting career. He seems like he’s heading toward his own goal in a steady pace.”

Jang Dong-gun
A legendary actor who is said to be so handsome in person that his face shines. As an actor of the same agency, Hyun Bin and Jang are players of PlayBoys, a baseball team composed of celebrities. Since Hyun Bin regularly sees Jang, he probably describes himself as an actor with “decent looks.” Jang was surprised to see Hyun Bin throw a baseball properly since he had started from not being able to play at all. Besides baseball, he also enjoys other sports ranging from swimming to soccer. Other hobbies of his are card magic and assembling plastic models like robots. Jang was the one who encouraged Hyun Bin to star in “Friends, Our Legend.” Also, before shooting the TV series, he watched the “Friends,” the film that the drama is based on, to analyze Jang’s acting and frequently asked for Jang’s advice.

Kim Gab-soo
Actor who appeared alongside Hyun Bin in KBS TV series “The World That They Live In.” When Hyun Bin asked Kim, “What do I do when I am confused with the acting that I learned at school and the real acting?” his answer was a simple phrase. “They are all the same.”

Kim Min-joon
Appeared alongside Hyun Bin in both “Ireland” and “Friends, Our Legend”. Since “Ireland” was a drama with a complicated plot and “Friends, Our Legend” could not ride itself of the impact that the original cast of the original film had left behind, acquaintances of Hyun Bin urged him not to take on the two TV series. But Hyun decided to take on both, insisting that “There is nobody who can satisfy everything 100 percent. I can't ignore what my acquaintances have been telling me, but there is no need to satisfy everyone’s tastes.” Of course, it is hard to guess what kind of impact that “Friends, Our Legend” would bring him, but he surely did prove himself capable of playing other characters aside from an heir. He likes to accumulate his experience with different characters and wants to enter his 30s quickly, stating that he wants more experience since he believes he is "still just too young". This is how this actor who began his career as a ‘handsome startup’ is slowly maturing.

Song Hye-kyo
An actress that is a hot topic along with Hyun Bin. Song and Hyun started dating after co-starring in “The World That They Live In.” Hyun Bin has once said that his ideal type of woman is “one who understands my work.” And he has once said that, “I heard that the externalities that make women confident are clothes, their ability to cook and the husband. Of course I like women who dress well and cook well but the man who has the ability to make such a woman shine must be a great husband." So, it seems like that he has now met his ideal woman. Of course, his acting career and dating life are two different issues, but meeting Song probably is another one of the peaks in Hyun Bin's current life. Hyun Bin, who debuted with handsome looks, gradually developed into an actor amongst other top stars, is capable of handling a whole film or drama and met a girlfriend who can completely understand his job. Like this, the handsome actor is growing, while getting on many men’s nerves.

Senior Reporter : Kang Myoung-Seok
Editor: Linda Kim, Jang Kyung-Jin

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Lee Min Ho some quirks

1. He always brought the perfume in her purse because he wanted to be a man who smells fragrant.

2. Like the atmosphere overcast, he could not stand the hot weather and he does not like a wet rainy day

3. In addition to blue and black jeans in the closet, other clothing, especially in black, white and gray.

4. He will not carry an umbrella even if the weather forecast said that it would rain.

5. He'll bite your teeth and talking in his sleep. My friends did not want to sleep with him when they traveled together.

6. If he had to live on a desert island, the things that he wants to have a place to sleep, fire and phone picker.

* A bed - so he can sleep soundly

* Picker fire - even when he was on a desert island, he still had to cook, especially meat. He likes to eat meat and the fire can not be avoided.

* A mobile phone - if he were stranded on a desert island, he still can chat with other people so he will not feel bored. and will please a lot of games already downloaded on the phone.

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You're Beautiful


  • Title: 미남이시네요 / Minami Shineyo
  • Also known as: You're Beautiful / You're Handsome
  • Genre: Romance, comedy
  • Episodes: 16
  • Broadcast Network: SBS
  • Broadcast period: 2009-Oct-07 to 2009-Nov-26
  • Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55


Tae Kyung and On Yu are in search of a new member for their idol group, A.N.JELL. However, Mi Nam suffers an injury at the last moment. So Mi Nyu, his twin sister, is asked to step in for her brother. The rest of the drama follows the behind-the-scenes life of an idol group.



Extended cast

Production Credits

Episode Ratings

Episode ratings for the SBS drama You're Beautiful

Date Episode Nationwide Seoul
2009-10-07 01 10.8 (11th) 11.6 (11th)
2009-10-08 02 9.6 (12th) 10.2 (11th)
2009-10-14 03 9.1 (11th) 8.5 (14th)
2009-10-15 04 8.9 (14th) 9.4 (11th)
2009-10-21 05 9.0 (18th) 9.2 (13th)
2009-10-22 06 10.0 (11th) 10.2 (11th)
2009-10-28 07 9.6 (14th) 10.2 (11th)
2009-10-29 08 9.8 (12th) 10.3 (11th)
2009-11-04 09 9.8 (17th) 10.3 (13th)
2009-11-05 10 10.0 (14th) 10.5 (11th)
2009-11-11 11 11.0 (10th) 11.3 (9th)
2009-11-12 12 11.1 (9th) 11.1 (9th)
2009-11-18 13 10.6 (13th) 11.1 (10th)
2009-11-19 14 10.1 (13th) 10.0 (12th)
2009-11-25 15 10.9 (10th) 11.7 (8th)
2009-11-26 16 11.9 (9th) 12.2 (9th)
Average 10.1% 10.5%

Source: TNS Media Korea

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Source : dramawiki

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Worlds Within


  • Title: 그들이 사는 세상 / The World That They Live In
  • Also known as: Worlds Within......
  • Genre: Romance
  • Episodes: 16
  • Broadcast network: KBS2
  • Broadcast period: 2008-Oct-27 to 2008-Dec-16
  • Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:55


This drama is about the process of a television drama producton. Jung Ji Oh is a charismatic drama PD whereas Joo Joon Young is a PD who is direct and confident.


Extended Cast

Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide
2008-10-21 Special 4.8
2008-10-27 1 7.1
2008-10-28 2 5.8
2008-11-03 3 5.5
2008-11-04 4 6.5
2008-11-10 5 6.2
2008-11-11 6 6.2
2008-11-17 7 5.1
2008-11-18 8 5.6
2008-11-24 9 4.8
2008-11-25 10 -
2008-12-01 11 6.5
2008-12-02 12 6.1
2008-12-08 13 6.5
2008-12-09 14 6.4
2008-12-15 15 6.9
2008-12-16 16 7.7
Average -

Source: TNS Media Korea


  • 2008 KBS Drama Awards: Best Supporting Actor (Uhm Ki Joon)
  • 2008 KBS Drama Awards: Best Supporting Actress (Bae Jung Ok)

Production Credits


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source : dramawiki

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Boys Before Flowers



Jan Di is an average girl whose family owns a dry cleaning store located near the luxurious and well known Shin Hwa College. Jan Di meets the four richest and most spoiled boys known as the F4. After saving a boy from jumping off the roof of Shinhwa High School, she is admitted into the school on a swimming scholarship. Jan Di tries to avoid confrontation with the F4 at all cost because she knows what happens to those that stand against them. However, when Jan Di's friend, Oh Min Ji, accidentally gets ice cream on the leader of the F4's shoes, she's forced to declare war on the leader of the F4, Goo Joon Pyo.



Extended Cast

Production Credits

Episode Ratings

Episode ratings for KBS2 drama Boys Before Flowers

Date Episode Nationwide Seoul
2009-01-05 1 14.3 (7th) 14.4 (6th)
2009-01-06 2 17.6 (4th) 17.4 (4th)
2009-01-12 3 20.8 (4th) 21.1 (4th)
2009-01-13 4 21.4 (4th) 21.6 (3rd)
2009-01-19 5 24.8 (3rd) 24.3 (3rd)
2009-01-20 6 24.8 (3rd) 24.6 (3rd)
2009-01-26 7 19.5 (1st) 19.1 (1st)
2009-01-27 8 25.9 (2nd) 25.3 (2nd)
2009-02-02 9 29.7 (2nd) 29.4 (2nd)
2009-02-03 10 30.5 (2nd) 30.2 (2nd)
2009-02-09 11 31.5 (2nd) 31.8 (2nd)
2009-02-10 12 31.4 (2nd) 31.2 (2nd)
2009-02-16 13 31.5 (2nd) 31.5 (2nd)
2009-02-17 14 31.9 (2nd) 32.0 (2nd)
2009-02-23 15 32.4 (2nd) 32.3 (2nd)
2009-02-24 16 33.2 (2nd) 32.9 (2nd)
2009-03-02 Special 21.8 (3rd) 22.4 (3rd)
2009-03-03 17 29.9 (2nd) 30.6 (2nd)
2009-03-09 18 35.5 (1st) 35.7 (2nd)
2009-03-10 19 31.2 (2nd) 31.3 (3rd)
2009-03-16 20 32.6 (2nd) 31.6 (2nd)
2009-03-17 21 33.6 (2nd) 33.8 (2nd)
2009-03-23 22 31.8 (2nd) 32.4 (2nd)
2009-03-24 23 31.8 (2nd) 31.6 (2nd)
2009-03-30 24 30.2 (2nd) 29.2 (2nd)
2009-03-31 25 34.8 (1st) 34.9 (1st)
Average 28.5% 28.4%

Source: TNS Media Korea


  • 2009 14th Asian Television Awards: Nominated for Best Drama Series, Best Drama Performance by an Actor (Lee Min Ho), Best Drama Performance by an Actress (Koo Hye Sun)
  • 2009 Seoul International Drama Awards: Most Popular Actor (Kim Hyun Joong)
  • 2009 45th Baeksang Awards: Best New TV Actor (Lee Min Ho)
  • 2009 45th Baeksang Awards: Most Popular TV Actor (Kim Hyun Joong)


  • The cast and crew spent a week filming in the South Pacific in New Caledonia and on Waiheke Island. Filming also includes Macau and Jeju Island.
  • Due to Koo Hye Sun's injury, Group Eight decided to air a Special on 2009-Mar-02 and the 17th Episode aired the day after.

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source : dramawiki

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Want to be Author?

Dynamic Blinkie Text Generator at

I need some author here,DO YOU WANT???

If you want, it's me in and to requirements :

- Often Online
-Liked also one of the Seoul couples concerned
-Knowing about blogging and how to posting

So, If you are interested, please contact me...Thanks....^^

NB: Sorry, if my english not so good,because i'm only indonesian...;)

Lee Min Ho's Dunkin Donuts CF (Christmas version)

from : kimchi's blog

Lee Min Ho Interview by Kusanagi Tsuyoshi [Part 2]

Cre Naver Blog[English translation based on chi sub by Minho in Destiny]

KT: your shoes are in Red today

MH: yes, the couch is also in Red

KT: did your stylist prepare the outfit for you?

MH: yes, todays outfit was managed by the stylist. To match my age, its simple and yet feeling a little cute (literally translated from chi sub, correct me if Im wrong)

KT: Very good
Narration: Tonight is second part of Lee Min Ho (interview). -Recently gaining great popularity in Japan-Korean version of BOF -Famous as super star-the most notable new Korean star

KT: I have prepared a lot of questions today. Did you have a traffic accident?

MH: that was 2 years ago, Im completely okay now. But if I didnt work in this industry, I think I would not have encountered that accident.

KT: Why did you say that?

MH: The accident happened when I traveled with other actors, so if I was not in this industry, that trip would not have existed.[Secret Campus footage]

KT: What is your weakness?

MH: My weakness is my laziness. If something is not urgent, I would not take/ do it seriously. This is my weakness

KT: I see. What about strength?

MH: I think is No matter what kind of trouble or stress I have, I am able to forget them right away. For example, when I am at home enjoying my leisure time, the trouble/ stress would be forgotten naturally. I am a simple-mind person.

KT: Really can forget it right away?

MH: I have tried hard to do that, and thats my in-born personality.

KT: thats good
~[BOF footage]

KT: this is a question everyone wants to know. Which type (of girls) do you like?

MH: the type I like?! that would be someone who can have a good chat with me, and who can understand me. In the past when I was not that busy, I did not require about the aspect about understanding my work. When I became busier, there are more inevitable occasions/ incidents, then it would be great to have someone who can understand my situation/ work.

KT: Where would she be?

MH: should appear in somewhere

KT: What do think about marriage?

MH: marriage?

KT: yes

MH: its too early now, rather than think about getting married, I would prefer paying more attention on my works. That is something very happy/ joyful, to build a family with a lot of blessings from friends & family . That will be a very joyful event.

KT: How about getting married in drama/ movie?

MH: Id love that (laugh)

KT: What do you do during leisure time?
MH: recently I start to learn playing golf

KT: golf?

MH: now, my hands are torn. I have to be more careful

KT: a member of SMAP, Goro Inagaki loves golf

MH: seems like hes playing very well

KT: yes

MH: Im still a beginner. do you play golf?

KT: no, Im an amateur as well

MH: so we can learn together

KT: learn together!? Please tell us about your future goal

MH: First, being an actor, I hope to be recognized by more people, and could participate in many good projects. I desire to be an actor like this. And when I become a senior (actor), I want to be respected by the junior/ younger actors.

KT: we are looking forward to that
[BOF footage]

KT: Please say a few words to Japanese fans

MH: Hello Japanese fans, I am Lee Min Ho, today I am happy to chat with Kusanagi Tsuyoshi. In addition, BOF has been favoured by many and I am really grateful for that. Please take care and be happy!

KT: Thank you! We have talked a lot today, thank you very much

MH: I am very happy too

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Who wears it better? Jung Yong Hwa, Kim Hyun Joong or Lee Min Ho?

Jung Yong Hwa has been said and regarded as the second ‘Ji Hoo’ in Korean TV drama ‘You’re Beautiful’ where he always stay by Mi Nam’s side like Ji Hoo staying by Jan Di’s side.

Jung Yong Hwa

Moreover Jung Yong Hwa wore the same long sleeve clothes as Kim Hyun Joong in the drama. What a coincidence!

Kim Hyun Joong

And what’s more? Lee Min Ho wore the same clothes when he was doing his photo shooting in SOFF! So among these 3 handsome guys, who wears it better?

Lee Min Ho

Sunday, November 29, 2009


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