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Why Kim Bum doesn’t have a girlfriend…

“If I had a girlfriend, it would be nice… but I’m a workaholic.” Kim Bum expressed that being an actor, he can’t worry about anything else aside from acting. Having a girlfriend is not an exception either. “Even though I think it would be nice to have a girlfriend, but in reality I don’t have time for that. If I’m forced to have a girlfriend, then I don’t have confidence that I can treat her well. I think we can only bring harm to one another, so wouldn’t we just break up? When I learn how to treat a girl, I will get a girlfriend.” Kim Bum distanced himself from girls and shot the new movie “Bisang”. Kim Bum plays Shi Bum, who is an aspiring actor who becomes a host. “I wanted to go to a host bar and meet the people working there, but because of my busy schedule it was difficult. After filming ‘Bisang’ for 2 months, I started filming ‘Dream’ right away, and because of the burden on my body from the training, I didn’t have plenty time to fully express the character. Anyways I think I was blessed to have so much work.”

Distancing from girls, filming “Bisang”, and playing as the host who aspires to be an actor


  1. I don’t have time to date…
  2. I don’t have confidence I can treat her well…
  3. We can only bring each other harm so it would end…

“I must meet Jo In Sung sunbae.” Kim Bum is Jo In Sung’s junior at Chung-Ang University, Theater and Movie department. “I had plans to meet Jo In Sung sunbae with a few hyungs, but because of work I couldn’t. I must go see him. From friends I have learned that he’s doing well in the army.”

“The time when he lived in a fantasy as F4″

The “Boys Over Flowers” wave has gradually died down in Korea, but it is just starting in Southeast Asia. When he went overseas for promotions, the people following were always BoF fans. After BoF, Kim Bum dived straight into his next project. Even though the popularity for BoF may last a long time, he doesn’t want to take advantage of this luxury. “Compared to living safely as one character, I think I should grow and show new looks. I thought it was too early to take on new roles after BoF, but because of this I decided to start on new projects. During BoF, I felt like I was living in a fantasy. Because I’m an actor, I want to wake up from this fantasy, and I want to live as new characters. Therefore I chose ‘Bisang’.”

“Standing by the rebroadcast of High Kick”

The first time people heard of Kim Bum was through the sitcom “Unstoppable High Kick”. He came out wearing Bruce Lee’s yellow training uniform and was named “Boardinghouse Bum” by the viewers, expressing their love for him. MBC’s “Unstoppable High Kick” is now airing the second season called “High Kick Through the Roof”. Aside from Lee Soon Jae, the actors have all changed.

“I wanted to act in season 2 with everyone else. However the original actors from season 1 couldn’t participate so it was a shame. Even so, Lee Soon Jae sungsaengnim and director Kim Byeong Ock were able to deliver a ‘High Kick’ that has a different feel from before. As a ‘High Kick’ fan, simply watching it is interesting. I will definitely watch the rebroadcast.”

In “High Kick Through the Roof”, Jin Ji Hee, the child actor who shouts “jerk!” (literal translation: farting butt) received a lot of applause from viewers for his good acting.

“I’ve worked with Ji Hee before in ‘East of Eden’, and his acting is really good. When he cries it only takes him about 3.5 seconds for tears to fall. Even though he’s young he has a lot of good strengths as an actor.”

Kim Bum will make a cameo in “High Kick Through the Roof” in the future. “I’ve finished working with the script. I want to appear with Il Woo. It should come out in the next few weeks.”

“Kim Bum has different soaring dreams”

After “High Kick”, Kim Bum acted in various dramas, including “East of Eden”, “Boys Over Flowers”, “Dream”, along with movies “Gosa” and “Bisang”. In the last 3 years, he showed that he’s a hard driving person.

“I shot ‘East of Eden’ for 6 months, and not even 10 days after I started on ‘Boys Over Flowers’. After I filmed ‘Boys Over Flowers’ for 4 months, I started on ‘Bisang’ after a week. I filmed ‘Bisang’ for not even 3 months and started on ‘Dream’ right away. In the last 3 years, I don’t remember resting for more than 3 days at a time.”

After Kim Bum became an actor, he had a lot of tired thoughts lately. Kim Bum confessed, “Because of the accumulation of fatigue, I feel mentally depleted.”

“I love working, but the actors who work like this worry a lot about not falling into a slump. Thankfully I had overseas promotions. In order to publish a travel log book, I travelled to England and learned about the culture there. I was lucky to have time to look back on my projects and reflect on myself.”

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