Sunday, December 6, 2009

Kim So Eun SoHu Interview

SoHu is a Chinese search engine and news source (along with myriads of other functions), and they recently interviewed Kim So Eun.


Greeting in Chinese: “Hello everyone, I am Kim So Eun. I hope to see you guys, I love you guys.”

Q: Was “Boys Over Flowers” a turning point in your life?

A: Yes, it was a big turning point. From this drama more people showed an interest in me [as an actress], and a lot of people were able to know more about me. I have gotten more fans. Therefore my life is different after BoF.

Q: Facing the new found popularity, how are you adjusting?

A: Before BoF, I was relatively unknown. After the drama, there were a lot of reporters who came to interview me, and everyone knew who I was and what projects I’ve done. At first I wasn’t used to it, but now I’m better.

Q: What did you learn from “The Man Who Can’t Get Married”?

A: In “Boys Over Flowers”, Ga Eul is a high school student who is passive and a little introverted. However in “The Man Who Can’t Get Married”, Yoo Jin is a 26 year old woman with a cheerful personality, which is closer to my personality in real life. I have learned a lot from the drama, such as the life of a woman in her 20s and social life.

Q: Chinese fans want Ga Eul and Yi Jeong to be together.

A: (Laughs) A lot of people tell me that. However Bummie and I college friends, and we have known each other for a while. Therefore I don’t feel that way about him, and we’re just good friends. (More laughs) I hope everyone else can think this way too.

Q: If you met someone you liked in real life, how will you confess?

A: There is the difference between Ga Eul and So Eun. I’m not the type of person who would confess, but rather keep my feelings to myself. Ga Eul is the opposite. When she finds the person she likes, she is strong and will confess to that person.

Q: Do you have any new projects?

A: At this moment I’m still looking through the offers, hopefully I can meet you guys in my new project. Please wait a while longer.

Q: When your schedule is clear, what do you like to do?

A: Exercise, reading, study, and sometimes look at movies and practice acting. Sometimes I also go out with friends. I’m not only an actress. In real life I’m just like everyone else, living a normal girl’s life.

Q: Within the actress circle, who are you close friends with?

A: Geum Jan Di of course. She’s very popular. And I’m good friends with Go Ara, who goes to another university.

Q: Do you like any Chinese celebrities or directors?

A: I like Jay Chou, who acted in “Secret”. Do you like him too? (Laughs) I think he’s very amazing, being able to take on many professions such as actor, director, and singer, and he does everything so well. Therefore I admire him.

Q: Lastly, what would you like to say to your Chinese fans?

A: Thank you guys so much for interviewing me, and thank you for enjoying “Boys Over Flowers”. However I think for the next project you guys will have to wait a while. Finally I’d like to thank everyone for loving Kim So Eun. Thank you.

Credits : bumsso


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