Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Jang Geun Suk’s Seven Answers

Fresh from his success as the prickly lead vocalist Hwang Taekyung in You Are Beautiful, actor Jang Geun Suk has been showered with multiple offers for endorsements, dramas, and films.

The young actor took time to answer seven quick questions –

There was some controversy on your height? Can you tell us your real height and weight?
• It is 182 cm. People are surprised when they see me outside of TV because I look taller outside of TV. From filming of You Are Beautiful, my weight dropped to 62kgs.

Are you really planning to debut as a singer?
• No. I like music but I feel that doing music as part of a drama is enough. However, some actors are active in Japan with their own albums. I might think about releasing an album in Japan.

Your scandal with figure skater Kim Yuna, any truth? And what do you say to rumors that you are gay?
• I never met with Kim Yuna. And I like women. (smiles)

Who is more of your ideal type? Your leading lady, Park Shinhye or After School’s UEE?
• It is Choi Ran (actress who played aunt of Go Minam in the kdrama). Haha.


When would you start your military service?
• According to my physical, I will be serving in a regular army. However, since I am young, I don’t think I am going to army anytime soon.

How are you attending your college courses (he is currently majoring in acting)?
• I used to always attend classes in Monday and Tuesday. However, since You Are Beautiful started, I had to skip some classes. My professors told me to take the final so I am planning to do so.

What does school mean to Jang Geun Suk?
• As an entertainer, it is hard to make friends around my age. School is the only place that I could make friends who are around my age and can understand me.

Translation : All Korean Gossip

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