Thursday, January 14, 2010

Representative of Korea International Film Festival makes a direct Korea's Jeonju International Film and the Pusan International Film Festival

Jeonju International Film Festival director Im Kwon-taek's 101st film 'Moonlight long Upload' matatgo production and investment, the Pusan International Film Festival in Busan, a love story dealing with the background omnibus film Busan Project '(working title) makes. 

A good film festival screenings yigatyi together or to arrange investments ㆍ marketing beyond the role of the original film is to put yourself in South Korea, contributes to the diversity of films in the sense that has been accepted as a positive phenomenon. Times through the first line as the film itself, vitality, vital events, film festivals and tourism promotion of the host city to INCIDENTAL effects can be obtained. The 'digital film' Jeonju International Film Festival was launched as a buzzword in the film are most active. Asian directors have already invited three men to 30 minutes outside of the enclosed novella omnibus film making, digital saminsamsaek 'The project has been ongoing since 2000 each year.

Since the year 2007 a young independent film directors in South Korea a short omnibus project aimed at 'Short! Short! Snapshot' from a more.

Director Im Kwon-taek's 101st film projects, and Jeonju Jeonju International Film Festival officials are announcing in the local government level took place during the project was promoting. Market and songhajin Jeonju Jeonju International Film Festival Organizing Committee, through the creation of presentation "is to inform the process of promoting a business on a film director Im Kwon-taek was an offer, directed by Im 'I can make is that this is the depth of emotion revealed South Korea gets a movie' he answered positively, "he said making the background. 100th film 'Beyond the Years' and laughing a change in investment and production costs ㆍ Publisher maryeon difficulties faced in the moment Im's team got a big supporter of Braddock, Jeonju International Film Festival and director cheukeseon great fit as a partner to local government projects.

Pusan Promotion Plan maketin sort of project (PPP) or through various awards program to support production in Asia been directed by the Pusan International Film Festival for the first time directly when entering the film production. Directly to the Executive Committee representing Dongho Kim producers to take this progress. Busan, a love story against the backdrop of the main topics under the South Korea, Thailand, Japan and other Asian directors of each of three novella-ins will be directing the movie. Kang Dong-won, Song Hye Kyo directed by Jang Jun-hwan's love bubble sale ', the June, the Thai director Michael syawanasayiga wisit sasanatieng' Iron Push ', the Sol Kyung-gu and Japanese Yuki bought the 245 director Yuriko Yomini cooperaka's Yurikamome' to Each will perform.

'Moonlight long Upload' and 'New York project, all of two months to start full-fledged keuraengkeuin walked into.

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