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Overseas Work back to the Song Hye Kyo & Jeon Ji Hun - Why?

To represent the Republic of Korea is the top actress Song Hye Kyo and Jeon Ji Hun, each with a small horse, not selecting overseas work has attracted interest in the background. Song Hye-kyo of the Year 'one up' with director Wong Kar-wai, Jeon is scheduled to release in 2011 directed by Wayne Wang 'stories and secrets of the debt' to return to the screen.

Optimal Transformation of the Image - Exposure vs Action

Jeon, stories and secrets of the debt 'in jinryen (金莲) appeared together on Zhang Ziyi will take the role. The film dealt with a gay actor to work to higher levels of exposure are known in the community. Chinese media, as well as South Korea's Jeon Ji-interested enough in the water level exposed.

Song Hye Kyo also film one up 'through the action genre for a new challenge. 'One up' on the biography film about Bruce Lee's master Southern yeopmunui gonando actors' actions as required by the smoke. After determining that the martial arts movie starring Song Hye-kyo and studying languages and sold in the said.

Both actors have in common is the nation's seonboyeotdeon fixed image that is to drastically beoteodeonjin. Which they now rely on their own separate from the domestic to the same genre is difficult to be in a movie is significant. Some of the CF due to hit hardened image tate narrow genre of choice will be difficult to look for a new look. A relatively wide range of international films unsin existing action or exposure to difficult to try and be more gwagamhal nothing is clear.

Everyone Dreams ○ myeonggamdok Meet - Wayne Wang vs Wong Kar Wai

Song Hye Kyo and Jeon Ji Hun also got the chance to work with foreign masters. Jeon's works' narrative and the secret fan of the well-known in the United States coach Wayne King. Born in Hong Kong received his film education in the U.S. film 'Smoke' (1995), winner of the Berlin International Film Festival has eungomsang.

Song Hye-kyo's work 'one up' also is a famous Hong Kong film director Wong Kar-wai's new movie. Hong Kong director Wong Kar-wai jeonyoung geumsangjang Awards and Cannes Film Festival Best Director award is directed by a proven ability suspicious. 'As Tears Go By' dark sunglasses, he is an impressive debut as a director is famous for.

Song Hye Kyo and Jeon through this opportunity, China is the world's attention is directed to work with supervision. The director's work was recognized in overseas markets abroad for sex work as a movie production stage manager, such as are international. Working with such international myeonggamdok anyone with a desire to learn is worth pursuing.

Taiwanese Power ○ Tickets - My Sassy Girl vs Full House

Jeon movie 'My Sassy Girl' and 'you are my girlfriend, etc. in Japan, Greater China, including China, became popular in the large. The film 'My Sassy Girl' remake the film in Japan and the United States creates about creating some sort of syndrome. Greater China since the appearance of the various CF Jeon, etc. was not difficult to meet local promotion, such as visiting the airport attack was a common thing.

Song Hye Kyo the series 'Autumn Tale' and 'Full House', etc. became popular in Greater China. Song Hye Kyo in China and promote the car when you visit dozens of reporters and hundreds of fans gathered at the airport when you arrive the airport base and his staff say even those mobilized to protect the Song Hye Kyo. The drama 'Full House' in the Philippines, Thailand and the Philippines have been exported to 14 countries in the remake of drama 'Full House' was built, sometimes broadcast.

The learning for a long time in Japan, the Philippines, including a love of the fans were in Greater China. They learn Chinese, Taiwanese film director working on a film when it makes sense to receive great attention. China is already the media attention to the two actors' moves are gondusewoogo.

Into the Footsteps of Hollywood - The Story and The Secret Fan vs 1 up

Jeon is already film 'Blood' (2009) to the Hollywood beat. 'Blood' was never a big box office, but has shown potential as an action star. Jeon is the film's story and the secret fan, once again through the world to know the name of another Hollywood work is also expected to challenge. 'Narrative of the Liabilities of the secrets of mateun director Wayne Wang Film and commercial film director in the United States with both a sense of high reputation.

Hallyu star Song Hye-kyo early 2000s that emerged since the class of director Wong Kar-wai invited to the VIP screening and has been linked with a steady. Korea-US joint venture in 2008 movie 'poetry' has attempted to interview overseas. The 'one up' starring Song Hye-kyo of the authentic work overseas as he works through this if the future unfolds an impressive acting debut in Hollywood as well ongoing international activities are expected to be available.

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