Friday, January 1, 2010

Message from Seattle

Source: hyunbin the space
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Seattle Bin ~

Hello everybody I am Hyun Bin
Christmas we ever happy? ^ ^
Seoul received the news of a white Christmas.
Although he knows that, but I am still in Seattle
Seattle, when the difference is usually very nice Christmas
Now in 2009 did not rest a few days.
Please be properly spent this year, and happy to call on the 2010.
There is no time like the rest of the year in 2009 as in 2010 I am still busy recording year.
Regular care for the health problems of space given to the family are very grateful to you.
Now film "late autumn" has come to the last-minute preparations
In January 2010 will be officially up on screen.
"Late autumn" with a better after the end of the work will be to meet with you
Finally I wish you all good health and a happy New Year
The end of 2009 ....
Seattle Bin

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