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BOF Premium event DVD in Yokohama [ Goo Hye Sun Cut )

@3:05 The two mc's introduces GHS for solo interview on stage.
GHS: (addressing the audience) When I came out, it seems that your sound becomes smaller. (GHS gestures with her hand to the audience to increase the welcoming clapping and cheers for her from the audience. WOW! Bravo, GHS-ssi!!!! biggrin.gif) Thank you.

GHS: It was very stressful filming at that time. It was a cold winter. I was thrown eggs, tomatoes and flour. After that GJP comes out and carries me away. He only came out to do the charming part all by himself. (GHS had a teasing tone as she said it.) Right?

@4:45 The male mc must have asked to talk about the F4 members individually.
GHS: LMH-ssi has very good manners and often took good care of me. KHJ may seem blunt and asocial yet very manly. KB--well. he is the type women really like. He is very similar to the character he plays--So Yi Jung. KJ is older and so very thoughtful. Even when he says just one thing, he speaks with kindness and consideration. ummm,,,everybody was just charming.

@6:05 The mc's must be talking about other talents of GHS. They show a clip of her short film, Cheerful Caretaker.
GHS: I always loved music, art and anything artistic. I was looking for ways to use everything that I love to do and making movies seems to be it. I also recently made a New Age album with Isao Sasaki and will be doing more musical activities. (she forgot to tell them that she just had a concert with Isao the night before!)

Then, GHS sings her song from the album. She only sings the first verse.

GHS: It was really fun. I feel so sad that it has to end. Should we do a little more? (much laughter from the audience~~WOW, I just love GHS' wit and charm and humor in this event!) Please be healthy and happy. I will also come more often so please continue to cheer a lot for me.

@0.23 GHS is walking in her black dress and saying that she feels out of breath.
@0.30 GHS: (addresing KJ) I called you. (no honorific between them)
KJ: why did you call me?
GHS: to go to the musical.
KJ: Ahh. I thought you were going to come with the rest of the kids.
GHS: yeah, but I could not get in contact with the kids so I wanted to ask you about the dates and things.
KJ: I see that you came out with an album.
Some other male voices are saying that, 'Now you two are rivals. Don't talk to each other.'
GHS: no, my album does not have songs. It is New Age, piano music...
A Man: Ohh, complete congratulations to you.
GHS: I also heard that you had a concert and I wanted to go there.
KJ: concert.
GHS: I am T-Max' complete fan. Really!

September 6, 2009 at National Convention Hall
@1:23 GHS with her braided hair and white top seems to be practicing for her song. (She sounds good while practicing--somehow more than on that stage. Maybe the sound system of that first cut of GHS was not quite clear? I remember her neon colored sneakers when she was buying something at the Japan airport on a different day!)

Reporter: How long has it been since you have been to Japan?
GHS: About 3 or 4 weeks.
Reporter: You have been very busy these days, right?
GHS: Yes, nonstop things to do,,so I have been coming to Japan often because the person whom I am working with is Japanese so come here often,,,,I wil see you later.

GHS: (addresing KB) You, when did you come?
KB: Just now.
All 4 of them get up to greet today's announcers or mc's. and KJ and LMH are going towards the stage. GHS and KB are talking because I see GHS and KB together and KB says something about, 'because of the drama..' (I hear GHS saying to KB, what happened to your face?)
@3:11 GHS is saying something to the reporter but I cannot decipher her speech.
GHS: Feels a bit awkward because it has been a long time since I saw them. It's been a long time, so,,,(GHS laughs and moves towards the stage with KB.)

@4:06 It is the press conference and KJ is talking about his role in the BOF. When LMH talks about his BOF character and how he is a selfish character, GHS starts laughing and the rest of remaing F4 also laugh. LMH feels grateful for the fans that came to greet him at the airport the day before yesterday even though his arrival was not announced to the public. GHS talks about a Japanese fan who wrote her a letter in Korean and how she felt very touched by that because, even though it was hard for her to understand the letter, she really felt the love of the fan.

@5:30 GHS burst out laughing because of the question? She also answers in Japnaese, so I am lost. (anyone?)

@6:07 GHS seems to be in an elevator.
GHS: Ah, it is exhausting.
Reporter: I think you laughed the most.
GHS: I laughed? Because I was embarrassed. (Reporter and she laugh together.)
Reporter: Who did you consider the most attractive looking today?
GHS: Today? hmm. Bummy,,(GHS gestures with her fist to show the size of his face.) his face has become this small. Instead of calling it attractive, well, he has become so pretty, but I felt so sorry...I want him to gain some weight. I did not want to go near him because his face has become so small...

@6:40 They are taking group photos and the photographer prefers that they get even closer. (laughter) F3 and GHS seem to get along very easily with each other.

GHS is practicing her Japanese in the elevator and saying to the reporter that she is nervous. This must be just before they go on the stage for the first time on Sept. 6th.
@0:28 GHS says hello to other T-Max members and KJ.
A T-Max: (to GHS) so you are our fan?
KJ: She really said that, not because I said.
GHS: It is true.
KJ: She said that she tried to come to our concert.
GHS: I did want to go. I really like all your songs.
A T-Max: Even if I use my own money, I will do everything to have you come to the concert.
KJ laughs and gets up. Another T-Max says, Fighting! Now they are going to start.
They call for GHS first and KJ comments teasingly that she is first in rank.

@1:03 KB comes and meets LMH and others (too dark to tell.) He asks if he should be the last one. I may be translating this incorrectly but I think the other F4 are not that interested in sitting next to KB whose face lost lots of weight. KB says that he does not want to go. (I think he is saying he is dreading leaving the event early to return to Korea for his movie, right?) Then LMH says, 'Ah, I thought you said that you lost your passport!' (I think they are joking around.)
@1:30 LMH asks where he is suppose to stand on the stage. He is told that GHS will go out first to the center and then he just needs to find his spot to the right of her.

@ 3:38 (before that GHS and KB and another lady are talking--but cannot hear.)
Reporter:What is it like to meet the Japanese audience?
GHS: just nervous but very good. Many more people came today--more than the last time. Very good.
Then, KB yells at GHS to come quickly as they were called to the stage. (GHS and F3 line up and greet the fans. A littel later, KHJ also joins the group. It was interesting that nobody talked about the missing KHJ behind the stage--I guess they were instructed not to talk about even any worries about him? or maybe they had to cut those parts out??)

@4:28 Everybody did very well.
GHS: I made so many mistakes. I forgot to say 'enjoyable' and 'to expect'.

@4:56 The mc asked GHS something during her solo interview on stage and she says yes and it brings surprise and laughter from audience and the MC--I wonder what it was.(I truly heard the male mc say GHS psycho! at @5:01!! biggrin.gif )

GHS: I guess I have to do better next time.
(Then, it must have been SS501 singing the I am stupid song and we see GHS singing along while waiting in the dark back stage.)
GHS wishes the fans all the best as last greeting and she also makes a last comment for the reporter saying that she had a great time and hope that the audience enjoyed themselves,,,(then somehow her voice was not very audible.)

credit: 쭌표좋아@DC Minho + MVN, phanlinh_111@soompi
translation by susAmerica@soompi

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