Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Korean Drama Actress who has the most beautiful skin

Song Hye Kyo

Speaking of Drama actress in China, most people on the edge of the non-South Korean actress Song Hye Kyo is none other than the. Adoption of "Endless Love", "Full House" and other acclaimed Korean dramas. There is no doubt that South Korea Song has become a national idol, temperament elegant things in their stride, so the audience liked her very wide age range. And her good skin, which is a circle of the star performing a public envy. Asked about a good skin comes from, Song said that this was the genetic mother to thank her for her natural-born white skin. However, even natural beauty, Song Hye Kyo also pay attention to the daily whitening maintenance of homework.

White sheepskin Volume:

1, "addicted to white as fate"

Song Hye Kyo addicted to white, such as life

Speaking of White, Song Hye Kyo is very experienced, however, because she uses a whitening . Points in all skin care, she is far the most concerned about the maintenance of the whitening.

To know the mentality of skin care is very important, if you do not give enough attention whitening is very difficult to have an incentive to do the tedious whitening homework, and that white skin is naturally far, would not have come a . Therefore, you want to become beautiful for you, we should first say to yourself: I want to whitening! I would like to whitening! I must be White!

2, Sun has know-how

The trick sun

To whitening, natural sunscreen is necessary, but Song tells you that sunscreen is also a skill ~ there are a lot of people are out in front of it smearing sunscreen, this is not correct. Generally speaking, the sun shining on the product after 20 to 30 minutes to play only the best effect, therefore, out the door half an hour you will need to smear sunscreen better. For this point, but very much beauty network.

3, Whitening essence should be standing Mask

Song Hye Kyo adhere to the spirit of the whitening mask, and always will be as commonly used in whitening essence skin care products. As for the beauty of you, this is also a need to learn from her.

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