Monday, November 30, 2009

Lee Min Ho Interview by Kusanagi Tsuyoshi [Part 2]

Cre Naver Blog[English translation based on chi sub by Minho in Destiny]

KT: your shoes are in Red today

MH: yes, the couch is also in Red

KT: did your stylist prepare the outfit for you?

MH: yes, todays outfit was managed by the stylist. To match my age, its simple and yet feeling a little cute (literally translated from chi sub, correct me if Im wrong)

KT: Very good
Narration: Tonight is second part of Lee Min Ho (interview). -Recently gaining great popularity in Japan-Korean version of BOF -Famous as super star-the most notable new Korean star

KT: I have prepared a lot of questions today. Did you have a traffic accident?

MH: that was 2 years ago, Im completely okay now. But if I didnt work in this industry, I think I would not have encountered that accident.

KT: Why did you say that?

MH: The accident happened when I traveled with other actors, so if I was not in this industry, that trip would not have existed.[Secret Campus footage]

KT: What is your weakness?

MH: My weakness is my laziness. If something is not urgent, I would not take/ do it seriously. This is my weakness

KT: I see. What about strength?

MH: I think is No matter what kind of trouble or stress I have, I am able to forget them right away. For example, when I am at home enjoying my leisure time, the trouble/ stress would be forgotten naturally. I am a simple-mind person.

KT: Really can forget it right away?

MH: I have tried hard to do that, and thats my in-born personality.

KT: thats good
~[BOF footage]

KT: this is a question everyone wants to know. Which type (of girls) do you like?

MH: the type I like?! that would be someone who can have a good chat with me, and who can understand me. In the past when I was not that busy, I did not require about the aspect about understanding my work. When I became busier, there are more inevitable occasions/ incidents, then it would be great to have someone who can understand my situation/ work.

KT: Where would she be?

MH: should appear in somewhere

KT: What do think about marriage?

MH: marriage?

KT: yes

MH: its too early now, rather than think about getting married, I would prefer paying more attention on my works. That is something very happy/ joyful, to build a family with a lot of blessings from friends & family . That will be a very joyful event.

KT: How about getting married in drama/ movie?

MH: Id love that (laugh)

KT: What do you do during leisure time?
MH: recently I start to learn playing golf

KT: golf?

MH: now, my hands are torn. I have to be more careful

KT: a member of SMAP, Goro Inagaki loves golf

MH: seems like hes playing very well

KT: yes

MH: Im still a beginner. do you play golf?

KT: no, Im an amateur as well

MH: so we can learn together

KT: learn together!? Please tell us about your future goal

MH: First, being an actor, I hope to be recognized by more people, and could participate in many good projects. I desire to be an actor like this. And when I become a senior (actor), I want to be respected by the junior/ younger actors.

KT: we are looking forward to that
[BOF footage]

KT: Please say a few words to Japanese fans

MH: Hello Japanese fans, I am Lee Min Ho, today I am happy to chat with Kusanagi Tsuyoshi. In addition, BOF has been favoured by many and I am really grateful for that. Please take care and be happy!

KT: Thank you! We have talked a lot today, thank you very much

MH: I am very happy too

from : kimchi's blog


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