Saturday, November 21, 2009

Lee Min Ho Interviewed by Tsuyoshi Kusanagi in Korea

KT: Glad to meet you, it’s been a long time

MH: How are you recently?

KT: very good. You are as handsome as before

MH: No, no

KT: you’re very tall

MH: yes

KT: can you give me 5cm?

MH: 5cm?

KT: please be seated. BOF has been well received by both Korea & Japan, how do you feel?

MH: Some time earlier, I have been to Japan for the fanmeeting, the second one in Japan. Since it was held after the broadcast of BOF in Japan, I can feel more love as compared with the first one

KT: what’s your impression on Japan?

MH: my impression on Japan, I feel it very beautiful as I arrived at the airport, everything / everywhere is well-coordinated and in good order

KT: How many times have you been to Japan?

MH: 4 times

KT: 4 times, what do you think about Japanese food?

MH: very delicious, especially sushi

KT: Sushi

MH: I love sushi

KT: Seems like everyone would have said so

MH: I love sushi and also okonomiyaki (Japanese pancake)

KT: it’s similar to buchimgae (Korean pancake), right?!

MH: That’s a fresh idea, for referring okonomiyaki as buchimgae

KT: I like seafood pancake

MH: seafood pancake is delicious

KT: that’s yummy

[BOF footage review]

KT: How many years since you debuted

MH: now is 3.5 years

KT: 3.5 years. Which area you pay most attention to in acting?

MH: When acting, the area that I lay stress on would be the emotion/ sentiments

KT: emotion…

MH: put more effort to sustain the same emotion. The acting would come out to be more natural if the emotion could be well-controlled

[BOF footage review]

KT: What is the next role you want to play?

MH: there are a lot of roles that I want to play. I want to play the role of a more mature man as my age grows

KT: I see. That’s very good. Do you have any shooting recently?

MH: Now? There are not many activities recently

KT: What is your plan for next project?

MH: It’s still under consideration. Since it is the project after BOF, it will get a lot of attention and it’s very important, it’s hard to decide…

KT: right…about the photobook

MH: For photobook, it’s my first individual photobook, I want to show the real side/ face of mine, thus setting young & travel freely as the main concept

KT: I have just had a look at that

MH: What do you think?

KT: very good

MH: I hope the readers could feel happy or pleased after reading my photobook

KT: it was very good

MH: Thanks

KT: How do you think about marriage?

[Looking forward to next week for part 2]

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from : kimchi's blog


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