Saturday, November 28, 2009

Goo Hye Sun @ Andre Kim's First Star Award Show (11/27/09)


Thank God for the reporters who did stay behind to take pix and give more news about Andre Kim's Best Star Awards and Christmas Fantasy Show. According to the news link above (from Korea Economy's Ahn Sang Mi Reporter, 안상미 기자, on Nov. 27), about 200 people attended the event and that this is Andre KIm's 4th Best Star Awards event.

Total of 23 celebrities from acting to sports to other TV news personalities received Best Star Awards. Andre Kim's 'Atelier' is a huge 3300m2 property that Andre Kim built the last 1yr and 7 months. It is located in Gi-Heung, Kyung Gi Do. Supposedly the area was glamorously decorated.

200 attendees, not only actors, but also people from various entertainment industries like fashion and media, sounded VERY GOOD to me. By the way many reporters boycotted the event, I thought only the 23 recepients of the award attended the event.

What a relief and how nice to get more information!!!! .This Best Star Award sounds even more of an honor because Andre Kim chooses the person not just because of his/her successful career but because of who the awardee is as a whole person. GHS is a terrific person, isn't she!!!

Congratulations GHS!

credits: webby/susamerica/phalinh_111/, poppinkypop/, TN, tracy & chio-mexico for the vid links
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